Criminal Justice Education

Finding Your Criminal Justice School

law enforcementChoosing to go to school for criminal justice is the best step you can take toward becoming a successful police officer, detective, crime scene analyst, or other professional in law enforcement. Criminal justice schools offer students a highly focused, real-world education they can apply directly to their chosen career path, with little focus on prerequisite busywork.

A classroom education in criminal justice provides solid background knowledge in subjects like juvenile justice, the legal system, the causes of crime and the psychology of human nature. With a little effort, you can decide what area of law enforcement you want to move towards, then tailor your educational goals to match. Click to find a school now.

Do the Research

Our ever-growing well of information on criminal justice training can point you in the right direction to become a patrol officer, sheriff or police chief. Or it can educate you to become a forensics officer, crime scene investigator or other professional in the field of law enforcement.

See officer job descriptions for more information on field-related criminal justice occupations, or read about other law enforcement specialties to get an idea of what other criminal justice careers are out there.