People Posing with Hitler

Usually tourists at Madame Tussauds are allowed to closely inspect the artwork so that they can revel in the complexity of the piece or the lifelike mannequin. After all, isn’t that what these museums are for? So that we can humanize and analyze our most storied heroes and monsters?

LOL J/k. It’s actually there so you can make wacky faces with Hitler. As evidenced below…

I guess there’s nothing theoretically wrong with posing for pictures with a wax depiction of the world’s most infamous murderer. But most of the time you look absolutely idiotic as you playfully pal around with the Fuhrer. It’s kind of like those photos of all the tourists standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa pretending to hold it up. It’s lame, overdone, and you look like a fool. But this trend refuses to die out. And believe it or not more than one person allowed themselves to be photographed giving the Heil Hitler.


Interesting side note: The Berlin Madame Tussauds came under fire not too long ago for unveiling a wax figure of Adolph Hitler sitting and pondering his failure during his final moments on Earth inside his underground bunker. So controversial was this installation that soon after opening a man decapitated the figure with his bare hands. Now the disheveled and unbalanced looking Hitler is stored away behind protective glass. I guess nobody gets a picture with that one.


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