How to Obtain Your Own FBI Record

Ever wondered if “the man” has been keeping an eye on you? Worried that your Jack Bauer slashfic might be hitting a little too close to home and you’ll wind up with some G-Men at your door one day? Why not find out if the government has been keeping any tabs on you. It’s easy, here’s how…

Our friends at Slog have
linked to a very helpful little web form that allows you to populate a form letter to be sent out to your local field office requesting a copy of your official FBI file (should you have one). Thanks to the handy dandy FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) you can make an official request that the government let you know everything they know about you. Granted it might take awhile. But it’s no doubt worth the wait. Bonus Round! You can also send a copy of your dossier from other agencies like the CIA, Marshalls Service and the Secret Service.

This is handy for those of us who might have been using words or terms that the Department of Homeland Security routinely scans for and flags.  And don’t worry. For the paranoid among us (and really, if you’re interested in this you are probably at least a little bit paranoid) you can just print out the form and fill it out yourself if you’d like. No need to hand over your information to the site itself.

Have you already filled out the form? Did you get any interesting results back? Let us know in the comments section. We’ve always wondered what kind of deviants and scoundrels trolled our sites. This lady sure did and the results are pretty shocking.

(Source: Slog)

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