Is a Criminal Justice Career for You?

Interested in getting a criminal justice degree but not sure if it’s right for you? A career in criminal justice can be among the honorable in the world, but it may not be for everyone.

Working as a police officer, crime scene investigator, government agent, private investigator or security guard can be exciting and rewarding (see officer job descriptions). Agents of law enforcement are depended on to protect people and their property. They must take on the responsibility of representing and enforcing the law. Working as a forensic scientist, you would have a very different approach and role, but you still assist the police in the resolution of crimes. Working as a security guard or in the private sector are also ways to help protect people and property (see other criminal justice specialties). All of these professions have that in common. If you want a job where you can help other people, a criminal justice career might be for you.

Careers in criminal justice are interesting because they tend to involve elements of law, science, sociology, psychology and communication, as well as logic. People who excel in the field may enjoy blending these elements as they work in various jobs in the legal, law enforcement, judicial or corrections fields. These people are good at reasoning and have a good sense of deduction. They also have the ability to quickly analyze situations and problem-solve. They should be good writers and presenters, since they need to clearly communicate the facts of a case. People who are good at criminal justice careers excel under pressure and have strong ethics and values.

Criminal justice is also one of the fastest-growing career fields in the US, with job opportunities expected to increase faster than average across the board. This is great time to get into this in-demand career field.